Working in Virtual Teams

Virtual teams consist of people who rarely visit a central office or work in remote locations. What follows are some steps on how to successfully be a part of a virtual team.

Know your role and job

  • Know exactly what tasks and goals your team leader wants you to achieve.
  • Know a specific timetable for when your virtual team needs these tasks completed.

Listen to feedback

  • Ask for constructive criticism from management and team leaders. Use this input to better achieve your tasks and goals.
  • Trust your fellow team members and leaders. This will translate into better performances for both the team and yourself.

Get to know your team members

  • Don’t just talk business with fellow team members.
  • Spend the first few minutes of each interaction, talking about weekend plans or friends and family. This will build camaraderie and make it more likely that team members work together to achieve a common goal.
  • Use Zoom video conference calls as often as possible. Speaking to a team member face-to-face- even through Zoom – fosters communication.

Make sure to collaborate

  • Use various social platforms – email, Zoom, Slack – to collaborate and share ideas with fellow team members.
  • Use cloud-based platforms to allow multiple team members to have input on a project or documentation.
  • Keep the lines of communication open and be flexible to communication opportunities with fellow team members.

Be positive and stay motivated

  • Praise team members when they make a key contribution.
  • Congratulate each other on a project well done.
  • Motivated and appreciated team members lead to a better performing virtual team.