Managing Remote Teams

In the online learning world, it’s essential to manage remote teams. The following are steps for managing team members who are in different locations.

Set expectations and define objectives

  • Be proactive and define the objectives you want your team to achieve.
  • Detail the plan on how to achieve team goals.
  • Hold remote employees accountable. Give them goals to achieve on a weekly or quarterly basis. Evaluate their job performance the same way you would if you worked in the same office with them.

Encourage communication

  • Don’t let remote workers feel “remote” or “forgotten.”
  • Establish regularly scheduled meetings that attempt to accommodate team members’ availability.
  • Stress to team members that they have an obligation to stay in regular contact.

Get to know remote team members

  • Bond with remote team members to build trust, empathy and camaraderie.
  • Make them feel a part of the organization by spending the first few minutes of a meeting to discuss weekend plans, kids and engage in other small talk and casual conversation.

Use Zoom Video Conference Calls When Possible

  • Zoom video conference calls can spark spur-of-the-moment conversations.
  • These talks can lead to new creative ideas and brainstorming sessions.
  • Video conversations can be the remote equivalent of gathering around the water cooler.

Be positive

  • Don’t forget to tell team members what they’re doing right.
  • Constructive criticism goes a long way, but without some positivity now and then employees will only come to dread your feedback.
  • Encouragement is one of the most effective things a manager can do.