Communicating Effectively in Remote Teams

Collaborating and communicating with others is essential to online working. The following are steps for communicating with remote teams.

Schedule Communication

  • It’s nearly impossible to communicate too much when it comes to managing a remote team.
  • Schedule monthly, weekly or daily team meetings. It’s important that communication isn’t just an abstract goal but a clearly outlined, measurable and achievable benchmark.
  • Having a shared calendar is a great, easy way to keep everyone on the same page.

Give Each Communication Platform a Purpose

  • If there are too many different places to communicate, they can end up serving only as a distraction.
  • By assigning separate tasks for each platform, the whole process is streamlined. For example, use Slack for progress updates and Zoom for meetings. Also share calendars

Be Careful With Tone

  • It’s easy to forget is that text and emails rarely conveys tone.
  • State things clearly and avoid sarcasm.

Use Zoom Video Conference Calls When Possible

  • Zoom video conference calls are the closest thing you’ll get to in-person meetings with your remote team.
  • Seeing each other encourages productivity and staying on task, whereas audio-only calls leave room for distraction.

Be positive

  • Don’t forget to tell your employees what they’re doing right.
  • Constructive criticism goes a long way, but without some positivity now and then employees will only come to dread your feedback.
  • Encouragement is one of the most effective things a manager can do.