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Slack is available to all faculty and staff. If your school uses a different communications and collaboration tool, please consult your school’s IT department.

Slack Training

Click here to view a Slack training video outlining how to use Slack for various communication and collaboration needs.

Slack Quick Reference Guides

The quick reference guides below are quick-start guides to the following topics:

What Can Slack Offer?
Slack benefits.
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What Can Slack Offer Reference Guide

Getting Started in Slack
Downloading Slack, adding a Workspace, and setting up your profile.
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Getting Started in Slack Reference Guide

Navigating Slack
Exploring the Main Menu, viewing the Sidebar, exploring the details view, and locating the Main Navigation Bar.
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Navigating Slack Reference Guide

Find and Start Conversations
Find and join Channels, compose and send messages, and find direct messages.
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Find and Start Conversations Reference Guide

Personal Settings and Organization
Starring Channels and direct messages, sidebar organization, and leaving Channels notification in Slack.
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Personal Settings and Organization Reference Guide

Collaborate Effectively in Channels
How to mention specific people, sharing files, responding efficiently with reactions, message formatting, and editing or deleting sent messages.
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Collaborate Effectively in Channels Reference Guide

Finding and Searching for Information
Searching in Slack, saving files and messages, and using reminders to track action items.
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Finding and Searching for Information Reference Guide

All About Threads
What is a Thread, why use Threads, how to use Threads, and tips for Threads.
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All About Threads Reference Guide

About Slack

Slack is a collaboration and communication hub that can help you and your team work together seamlessly. It is designed to support the way people naturally work together, so you can collaborate with people online as efficiently as you do face-to-face.

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