Remote Meeting Etiquette

Meeting Preparation for Hosts

Before the meeting

  • Schedule Zoom meetings in Outlook to ensure that invitees have the meeting link in their calendars.
  • Send materials to participants via e-mail in advance.
  • If your presentation is large, visually dense, or contains video, consider loading it to Google Drive or other cloud-based storage. Then share the link with participants.
  • Be prepared to follow good meeting practices: Sending an agenda in advance, identify the facilitator, timekeeper, and note taker.

Your remote meeting room

  • Find a quite space for your call and ensure the lighting works well with your camera.
  • When connecting from a laptop, keep the power supply plugged in.
  • Use a headset with a microphone instead of your computer microphone and speakers.
  • Ensure your presentation is ready to be shared.


Starting the meeting (Host)

  • Hosts should start the meeting a few minutes early, leaving time to resolve any issues.
  • Ensure that everyone has their video on to improve the interactive experience.
  • Once all participants have joined, ensure everyone can hear you.
  • Be prepared to use the Zoom chat function for anyone with audio or video issues.
  • If needed, make introductions to break the ice and ensure everyone can hear each other.
  • Ask all participants to go on mute if they are not speaking.
  • If you plan to record the meeting, notify all participants at the beginning of the meeting.

During the meeting (All Participants)

  • Speak clearly and in a normal voice and avoid shuffling papers or making other noises.
  • State your name before asking a question or commenting to identify who is speaking.
  • Use public chat for group questions and private chat for side conversations.
  • Tell others if you leave the video conference early.
  • Maintain eye contact and avoid quick movements while speaking.
  • Use the “Raise Hand” function to if you have a question. This helps to avoid interruptions and activation of the Zoom switching feature which moves the camera to the active speaker.
  • Make it safe to call out participants on poor meeting etiquette.

After the meeting (Host)

  • Send meeting minutes to participants.
  • If scheduling a follow-up meeting, send the invitation out as soon as possible.